Susan and Dan Kemp


Susan and Dan Kemp have been Revels donors for more than 30 years and Susan volunteers over 150 hours annually.  We sat down with Susan to learn why Revels was so important to her.

How did you first hear about Revels?

In the 1970’s, I lived near Harvard Square.  I heard there was to be a “Rebels” event and, thinking it was some sort of demonstration, I decided I wanted no part of it!  Shortly after the first Cambridge Christmas Revels, a friend told me it was actually a traditional music event that I would love.  I’ve missed very few performances since!

What are your fondest Revels memory?

The early shows in which Jack performed.  I was drawn to his singing, creativity, and kindness.  Another fond memory is the Spring Revels in Boston when the “Garbage Collectors” performed outside during intermission.  My most recent favorite is the annual performance at Perkins.  It is so heartwarming and effectively joins the talents of the visually impaired students and the Revels performers.

What drives you to support Revels?

I started volunteer ushering in the 1970’s and have been a volunteer ever since — mostly in the office and at events.  I love being in the Revels community.  Lunch in the office means everyone sitting together, chatting, and celebrating birthdays.  Everyone is working to make the traditions continue.  I like being a part of that.

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