CDs of songs and singing games, story books and songbooks for children.

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Child's Christmas Revels, A


"An enchanting collection." The Washington Post

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Earth Stories


The featured tale on the album is Herman and Marguerite. It's the story of Herman, the worm and Marguerite, the caterpillar whose loving friendship gives each the strength to change and to save a lonely orchard. Next time you see a worm, ask if it knows Herman, the Wormin.

Other stories on the album include:

  • Frogs, Dodge City
  • Brian
  • The Boy Who Loves Frogs
  • Hyena
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Frog Went A-Courtin'


The charming tale of the courtship of Frog and Mistress Mouse and the antics of their circle of friends are as fresh and funny as ever.


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John Langstaff Sings The Jackfish and More Songs for Singing Children


Thirty-five charming, sprightly folk songs picked by John Langstaff for the ease with which children can sing them--and the fun they have doing it.

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Magician's Boy, The


A Boy works for a Magician and finds himself transported into the Land of Story...

This book is based on the script of The Christmas Revels, written by Susan, known as the Storybook Revels.

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Over in the Meadow


Always looking for ways to engage children, Langstaff used this traditional song to teach young children to count and to encourage the naturalist in them.

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Once upon a time there was a sad farmer. Everything went wrong in his life. Until one day...


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Sally Go Round the Moon


Revels Songs and Singing Games for Young Children " unusually attractive and valuable collection." Horn Book Fanfare Selection and American Library Association Notable Book

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Songs for Singing Children


Langstaff has a genius for making old chestnuts sound fresh, young and bubbly with life.

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The Boggart Fights Back - New!


By Susan Cooper

For Ages: 8 - 12
Hard Cover

The Boggart is back for a new adventure of magic and mayhem from Newbery winner Susan Cooper.

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What a Morning!


A unique and powerful collection. The story of Christmas is told through classic spirituals, augmented with biblical citations and paintings that reflect the joy of the holiday.

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