Bidding You Joy


Nowell Sing We Clear celebrates Christmas as it was known for centuries in Britain and North America.

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The songs come from an age when the midwinter season was a time for joyous celebration and vigorous expression of older, perhaps pagan, religious ideas. There is not always a clear line between these and the rejoicing at the birth of Jesus bringing a fresh light into the world at this dark midwinter time.

Carols, wassails and songs for the Christmas season in a traditional folk style, a cappella or with fiddles, accordions, concertinas, whistles and the like; The 6th CD from this popular band. Nowell Sing We Clear, based in Vermont, USA, has been touring its annual midwinter program since 1975. See for the current tour schedule.


Sing Nowell
Masters in This Hall
Awake! Behold!
The Old Hark Hark
I Saw a Ship
Cold December
Mumemrs Night in Oshawa
Apple Tree Wassail
New Zadoc (While Shephers Watched)
O the Holy Holly
O Bethlehem
The Worcestershire Carol
Penny for the Ploughboys
Stay and I'll Sing
The Derby Ram Goes to Sea
The Door of the Year
Villagers All