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Welcome to the Revels Store and our eclectic collection of traditional music CDs, songbooks, and more.  We feature our own publications as well as selected items from our guest performers and others connected with Revels.

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Featured Items

David Coffin: Live from the Revels Stage - New!



New for the holidays: A double album of LIVE recordings celebrating David Coffin’s 40 years on the Revels stage! Enjoy David’s 36 handpicked selections from live Christmas Revels, Sea Revels and Summer Revels performances. Includes booklet with David's comments on each piece.

CDs, Featured Items, $21.95
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Ribbon of Highway: An American Christmas Revels LIVE from Sanders Theatre - New!


Our new holiday CD will be recorded LIVE at Sanders Theatre this year! Now you can enjoy the Appalachian, Shape-note, Shaker, gospel, bluegrass, and folk/traditional music from 1930s America from the show all year-round! The CD will be shipped starting in March of 2020. 

CDs, Featured Items, Holiday, $14.95
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Gifts of Odin: A Nordic Christmas Revels


This 31st collection of Revels music derives from the uniquely robust traditions of the Nordic nations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, where the winter solstice is marked with folkloric festivity and gorgeously haunting music. 

CDs, Featured Items, Holiday, $14.95
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About Revels


A Collection of Essays
Director’s Notes, Historical Commentary and Personal Reflections


Books, Featured Items, $9.95
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American Harmony


Compiled by Nym Cooke

Nym Cooke’s American Harmony, clearly a lifetime labor of learning and love, is an anthology aimed especially at people who relish choral singing in the psalmody vein. ... Cooke offers authoritative scores of 176 of his favorite pieces, plus advice on how you might sing them and what you should know about the lives of the psalmodists who wrote them.
— Richard Crawford, author of America’s Musical Life: A History

Featured Items, Songbooks & Choral Series, $55.00
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Homeward Bound


A vivid, transporting portrait of maritime culture.

CDs, Featured Items, Folk & Multicultural, $10.95
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Songs for Singing Children


Langstaff has a genius for making old chestnuts sound fresh, young and bubbly with life.

CDs, Children, Featured Items, $10.95
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Seasons for Singing


Let Revels take you through the year in this pastoral ode to rural life, from spring carols to summer flirtations.

CDs, Featured Items, Folk & Multicultural, $10.95
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Wild Mountain Thyme, The


"Here is a celebration of the greening of the year: spring, and the rebirth of everything that grows." Susan Cooper, from the liner notes.

CDs, Featured Items, $10.95
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