Help us Create a Summer Solstice Portrait!


As the Summer Solstice approaches, we here at Revels invite you to share your Summer Solstice portrait with us. How creative can you get? Indoors, outdoors, staged, impromptu, costumed or not, your sky’s the limit! Share with us your festive inspiration of the return of the light!

How to Participate
Create a photo of yourself that says, “Life!” 
It can be a solo or a group portrait. It can feature a plant, a toast, a baby, an ultrasound, a pet, a blade of grass, a sunrise setting, a mountaintop, a cup of coffee, a costume, an instrument, a leap in the air, a laugh, a tear, a hug, a formal family portrait, whatever says “Life!” to you. Try to include a red sash or ribbon in your photo. Collectively we can lead the way through this novel darkness toward the light beyond. 

The end result will be a collage of all the photos we receive set to music selected by Revels and published on the Summer Solstice.


Thanks - We look forward to receiving your photos!

THANK YOU to all who submitted photos!!!
See you on the solstice!