Revels Spring Sing: A Family Celebration of the Vernal Equinox 


Singing Brings Us Together!

Spring is here! 

If you missed our virtual Spring Sing this year, you can watch it here

Revels launched Spring Sing more than 25 years ago to celebrate the vernal equinox in song and poetry. This year’s theme is Renewal and Rebirth. It includes song and poetry with uplifting and hopeful energy as well as good singalong potential. (Song lyrics will be displayed.) In addition, two young poets will be reciting their own poems, written expressly for this year’s Spring Sing.

Featured songleaders this year include David Coffin, Sayida Rivers, Derek Burrows (joining us from Mexico), Natty Smith and Erika Roderick, and George Emlen. (George will also host the event.) Two pairs of young sisters – one from Ireland – will also lead us in song.

Download the song sheet and sing along!

Here's the direct link to join us on Sunday:

Stay Safe and Keep Singing! 


Spring Sing 2021 Poetry


In Perpetual Spring

by Amy Gerstler


Gardens are also good places

to sulk. You pass beds of

spiky voodoo lilies   

and trip over the roots   

of a sweet gum tree,   

in search of medieval   

plants whose leaves,   

when they drop off   

turn into birds

if they fall on land,

and colored carp if they   

plop into water.


Suddenly the archetypal   

human desire for peace   

with every other species   

wells up in you. The lion   

and the lamb cuddling up.

The snake and the snail, kissing.

Even the prick of the thistle,   

queen of the weeds, revives   

your secret belief

in perpetual spring,

your faith that for every hurt   

there is a leaf to cure it.

What the Robin Told

by George Cooper


The wind

told the grasses,

And the grasses

told the trees.

The trees

told the bushes,

And the bushes

told the bees,

And the bees

told the robin,

And the robin

sang out clear:

Wake up! Wake up!

Spring is here!


By Christian Eckford


Why does the ground keep changing clothes?

And why have the days gotten less tired?

Spring Spring Spring

That can’t be it!


Why is our roof spitting all over our driveway?

Why are the clouds crying way more?

Spring Spring Spring

I’m positive that can’t be it!


Why are the tulips having a fiesta?

And why are the bluebirds bantering?

Spring Spring Spring

Yes! That must be it!

Warmth of Possibility

By Keva Kirby


The possibilities, the hope 

that’s what Spring represents

A new beginning, turning over a new leaf

Breathing in a sigh of relief, 

Straightening and stretching out after a year of grief

Oh rise to the possibilities Spring can bring



Like the buds on the trees

The blooming flowers, the yellows and greens


Oh people of the world


Stretch your hands to the skies

Can you feel it in your fingertips?

The power in your hand

Can you feel it or can you not?


Try again.

We are strong, not weak

Open up your wings, spread them wide


Fly up high

Have you got there?

Have you arrived?

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the possibilities, dancing on your fingertips, 

Spreading through your hand?

You can.

All you had to do was fly to reach it,

To feel it, to hold it in your hand

You can mold it, create it, make it be you.

You can share it with others like I am to you.


Or perhaps

You already have it inside

You need to let it out

You need to let it shine.

Inside and out.

Wear it like a crown atop your head

Sprinkle it like Pixie Dust upon everyone’s bed

Sew it like thread, into your clothes

Tell it like a story that has to be told

Wrap it around you like a blanket if you are cold


You see

So much you can make with hope & possibility.

I Am Proud To Be a Bahamian

By Shamara Rose Curry


Conch Salad, conch fritters, oh so many things to eat

Crack conch, scorch conch all add up to Bahamian treat


Chicken shack, fruit stand, straw market, then the beach

Rake and scrape, maypole plaiting

And oh that good Junkanoo beat


Straw bags, straw hats, just to name a few

All these things is Bahamian to me child

I ain’t know bout you


Aquamarine, gold and black

That’s the Bahamian flag


Forward, upward, onward, together

That should be we guide


Come on now we Bahamians

Show some national pride


Child I proud to be Bahamian

An this one ting I ain’t gonna hide


Revels Spring Sing is supported, in part, by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.