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   Musical Connections

We’re excited to kick off a second season of #RevelsConnects events and programs with our new Musical Connections series! This new series will explore musical traditions from around the world with intimate virtual experiences, including 45-minute salon-style performances with a variety of musical tradition bearers. Each performance will be hosted on Facebook Live and followed by a companion podcast produced in collaboration with the Mass Cultural Council and hosted by the MCC’s Folk Arts & Heritage Program Manager, Maggie Holtzberg. 


#RevelsConnects "Sundays at 5" Musical Connections performance/podcast series


Tom_Pixton_on_accordion_x16_180.jpgSunday, April 25, 2021 at 5:00pm ET
Facebook Live 
Companion Podcast

Tom Pixton
An International, Balkan, and Scottish folk dance musician. He has worked with many of today's most accomplished dance teachers and musicians as accordionist, pianist, band leader, music arranger, and CD producer.


BethBahiaCohen_0156__180.jpgSunday, May 23, 2021 at 5:00pm ET
Facebook Live 
Companion Podcast

Beth Bahia Cohen
Beth Bahia Cohen is of Syrian Jewish and Russian Jewish heritage. Inspired early by the sounds she heard at family gatherings, she later studied with master musicians from Hungary, Greece, Turkey and the Middle East. She plays the violin, various Greek lyras, the Turkish bowed tanbur and more.




Past Events

Balla-Kouyate-bio_230.jpgPresented Sunday, January 24, 2021 (Watch & Listen)

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Balla Kouyate

Hailing from Mali, Balla is a Balafon player and Djeli and the recipient of a 2019 NEA National Heritage Fellow in recognition of his music, and for keeping Western African traditions alive. 



Josee_180.jpgPresented Sunday, February 28, 2021 (Watch & Listen)

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Josée Vachon
Born in Québec and raised in Maine, Josée Vachon has been sharing her Franco-American upbringing for over 25 years through traditional and contemporary folksongs from Québec and Acadia and through her own compositions.




karimnagi_6455web_180.jpgSunday, March 28, 2021 at 5:00pm ET
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Karim Nagi
An Egyptian musician, dancer and educator, Karim performs and teaches  Arab Music & Dance to schools, universities, communities and festivals, and speaks about diversity and how the arts can fight xenophobia.

Presented Sunday, October 18 Johnny_Snip_2.JPG

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Click here for the Episode 1 transcript

Dating as far back as the early 1600's, spirituals are said to be one of America's original folk songs. Though now, Spirituals have a legitimate place under the umbrella of classical music, this style of music is celebrated from instrumental and vocal ensembles to solo and piano - no matter the ethnic or racial background. Johnny Nichols, Jr., accompanied by former Revels music director Megan Henderson on piano, takes us on a journey of spirituals, arranged by H.T Burleigh and Moses Hogan, that are unique and special to his cultural heritage as well as his personal upbringing. Join us for this first #RevelsConnects presentation as Johnny passionately sings and shares short stories that connect these songs to his family and experiences growing up in rural Louisiana.  

MCC_Logo_RGB_NoTag_for_web.pngRevels is grateful to the Ithaka Foundation for its generous
support of our #RevelsConnects: Musical Connections series.


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Revels has always been about community - gathering, singing together, celebrating together. While we can't be together in person right now, thanks to technology (and the many people who have helped Revels harness this technology), we can be together online through #RevelsConnects - an online, virtual community. 

Stay safe and keep singing!