Revels FRINGE Concert Series

“The unpredictable edge of the folk movement” is how we describe Revels FRINGE. The goal is to create a forum within which we encourage performers to examine and redraw the boundaries of traditional music and dance. In intimate settings we aim to create musical experiences that both delight and educate. 

Stay tuned for the Winter/Spring 2020 FRINGE Concert schedule




Revels FRINGE with Carlos Núñez and Friends

March 7, 2014

Our innaugural FRINGE event was a spectacular night of music and dance featuring Carlos Núñez on gaita, recorder and ocarina, Pancho Alvarez on viola capira, Xurxo Núñez on percussion, Maeve Gilchrist on harp and vocals, Hanneke Cassel on fiddle, Stan Strickland on soprano saxophone, flute and vocals, Jamie Jaffe on vocals, Gerardo Munguia on Asturian bagpipes and Candyrapper V.S.O.P. Thanks to Sid Levin of First Frame, Inc. for the video element.