The Christmas Revels
in Celebration of the Winter Solstice


Harvard University's Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA

PLEASE NOTE: While it appears that Harvard will reopen for students in the Fall in some capacity, there remains uncertainty about when Sanders Theatre might be available again for large group gatherings. At this time, we are proceeding with plans for a 50th Christmas Revels in Sanders this December, but we recognize this may not be possible. We remain in close communication with Harvard on this issue, and we will keep you informed about any decisions as they are made.

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A holiday tradition for nearly five decadesThe Christmas Revels is a joyful theatrical celebration of the winter solstice that travels the world each year showcasing cultural traditions including music, dance, folktales and rituals. 





The first Revels in Sanders Theatre in 1971 was a riot of color and voices with medieval sackbuts, shawms, rebecs and the commanding figure of Jack Langstaff exhorting the stunned Cambridge audience to “Sing!”  Fifty years later they are still singing in the thousands.

To celebrate Jack’s 100th birthday and Revels 50th anniversary we are going back to that starting point and to the raw beauty of early music in the middle ages. Then, in a deliberate act of folly, we will allow our three magical fools to catapult us through time and space to recapture some of the wild and the holy strands of music and ritual that were the warp and weft of Jack’s creation.

We begin our magical mystery tour in a medieval English inn that has been built to weather many a solstice party. With lusty carols and gorgeous anthems we will see the old year out with feasting and dancing and then, guided by our liminal fools through the darkness and danger of solstice, emerge into a startling new world. In this telling of the story, old inns and old ways are given a new lease on life, and the world of The Christmas Revels expands beyond the boundaries of its English origins.

With music and dance from the renaissance all the way to the era of Jack Langstaff’s big idea, there is something here for everyone. We have assembled some extraordinary talented performers for this unique celebration. We hope you can join us too!