The Christmas Revels
in Celebration of the Winter Solstice


Harvard University's Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA


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Alan's Ticket Availability Page

Updated Sunday, Dec. 29 at 7am  

Back by popular demand (OK, just back), it's Alan's Ticket Avalability Page!

This is it, kids. Our final performance is TODAY at 1pm and a few tickets are still available. SO.......

Don't delay! Click the BUY TICKETS link NOW to purchase tickets through the Harvard Box Office or drop by the theater an hour or two before the show if you're nearby.   

This is your last chance to see this amazing production. Don't miss it!

That's it for now - and likely for the year. Happy Holidays! 

See you at Sanders! 



2019 Christmas Revels Performance Schedule



Alan working tirelessly to make sure you all get your tickets! (Kids, that's a telephone.)

 Performance Date Time Price Level  
Friday, December 13 (Preview) 7:30

Sold Out!

Saturday, December 14  3:00

Another wonderful performance!

Saturday, December 14 (Value)* 7:30

Another standing o!

Sunday, December 15 1:00

The best audience EVAH!

Sunday, December 15 5:30

Great show! Now time for some rest!!

Thursday, December 19 (Value)* 7:30

A beautiful show and an amazing audience!

Friday, December 20 7:30

Stunning in every way. Great show!

Saturday, December 21  - The Winter Solstice! 3:00

So the shortest day came.....

Saturday, December 21  - The Winter Solstice! 7:30

A fabulous solstice celebration!

Sunday, December 22 1:00

Energy galore thoughout the house!

Sunday, December 22  5:30

Another joyous, soulful performance...

Monday, December 23 3:00

Our last performance before Christmas, Time to celebrate and rest!

Thursday, December 26 3:00

A beautiful show, full of energy and life!

Friday, December 27

Another well-deserved standing o!

Friday, December 27 7:30

The show keep getting better and better!

Saturday, December 28 3:00

The audience keeps getting better and better, too!

Saturday, December 28 7:30

Another lovely show. Just one more to go!

Sunday, December 29  1:00

Tickets at all Price Ranges are Available though the Harvard Box Office. Don't miss this show!!

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Premium Price: Mezzanine P section 

Top Price: Orchestra, Mezzanine I & Balcony I

Middle Price: Mezzanine II & Balcony II

Partial View: Balcony III


*Value Performances are the same as every other performance, but with a lower ticket price.