Visiting Artist David Coffin

Revels Education presents Artist-in-Residence David Coffin in two creative and captivating school enrichment programs: Music from the King's Court and Life at Sea: A Voyage in Song.

When children join in David's electric enthusiasm for his subject by adding their own voices and imaginations, they are astonished to discover how much they have learned - and how fun it is to share in the adventure.

Book David

david_with_recorder_ad_kids_160.jpgMusic from the King's Court

Suggested program for 3rd Graders, highlighting nearly 50 unusual early wind instruments, the ancestors to the recorder which many 3rd graders are learning to play in school, and also exploring the science of sound.




David_with_concertina_200_x200.jpgLife at Sea: A Voyage in Song

Suggested program for 5th Graders, featuring sea chanteys and whaling songs from the Colonial period, lots of American history about life aboard a whaling ship, and an exploration of whaling from New England, the biggest industry of the day.

Life at Sea