Meet Our Volunteers

Revels couldn't exist without its volunteers. Whether its entering data in the office, singing in the chorus at Sanders, manning an information table at Revels RiverSing, or serving wine and cheese at the salons, our volunteers are always there and always helping.

Volunteer Spotlight - Rachel Grygorcewicz


She's a whiz data enterer. With her (unbelievably perfect-for-us-at-the-time) background, she was able to help us create our digital asset management system. She cheerfully filled any role we tossed at her. And she can fix her own car. Meet Rachel!

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Volunteer Profile - Meet Harvey Cohen


You've probably seen him behind the sales table in the Sanders Theatre lobby. You've seen his props on stage. If you've been in the cast or crew in the last 15 years or attended Spring Sing, you've probably had some of his desserts. Meet Harvey Cohen: volunteer and baker extraordinaire...

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John Recroft


Revels “opened my life to all kinds of music, dance, and other cultural phenomena that I would've had no idea about. It has also introduced me to most of the best friends I have now!"

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