#RevelsConnects Special Event! 

Revels 50th Anniversary CD Release and Celebration

hosted by GBH's Brian O'Donovan

Sunday, November 15 at 7:00 PM

Watch it now on YouTube!


Join radio host extraordinaire Brian O’Donovan in a conversation with George Emlen, Paddy Swanson, and David Coffin as we celebrate the beginning of our 50th year with our new double-disc, live-from-the-Sanders-stage CD, The Christmas Revels, Celebrating 50 Years!. 

This CD reaches into our remarkable past to highlight some great musical moments. We will talk about the larger meaning of Revels, why we’ve endured over the years, and what our future might look like. And we’ll be visited by artists of performances past who will share their thoughts and memories of their time with Revels. Come join the fun!