Volunteer Spotlight - Rachel Grygorcewicz



Rachel_G_volunteering_250.jpgWhen did you first get involved with Revels?

I first became an audience member in 2011 and have attended every Christmas Revels Performance from 2011 onward. I became a volunteer in January 2019.  

What other activities have you done with Revels?   

My background is in Library and Information Science. I find it fascinating how people use data and how the format of data can determine what specific software and/or tools they use. I love data entry and have helped Revels with lots of data entry as well as usher performances, gather tickets, file music and many other tasks. 

What do you like about being involved with Revels?

I love Revels people. They are creative, artsy and passionate about life.  

Are there any particular events with Revels that made an impact on you?

I had the opportunity to participate in the tea event with Ruth Heespelink and had a great time.  

Rachel_fishing_250.jpgDoes anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement?

My mom ingrained in us that arts and culture are very important in life and give you the opportunity to learn and explore. I love to travel and explore different cultures, eat different cuisine, etc. 

What do you do when you are not volunteering with Revels?   

I am a professional librarian and work as an Operations Specialist at Harvard University in the Harvard Depository on the Countway Library Project. In this role, I review book plates, stamps, fonts and any marks that may indicate ownership in library holdings to create a complete catalogue of library holdings. Items in review include academic articles, journals, newspapers, tomes, digital recordings to name a few. The oldest holding I have reviewed dated to 1602!  In addition to my love of books and libraries and archives, I love being outdoors, going fishing. A fun fact about me is that I own and have restored a 1975 Triumph TR 6. I really enjoy working on it!

Looks like you enjoy riding in it, too, Rachel!


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