David Zooms to Perkins

Posted on 5.19.2020 by David Coffin

For the past 20 years I have been steadfastly saying that of all the performances/shows/gigs I do in a given year, the most meaningful one is the joint Revels production with The Perkins School for the Blind. It is a veritable feast of music, dance, and sheer joy of performing shared with a packed house of smiling and singing parents, teachers, students, and people who just “get it.” 

In the face of this ever isolating pandemic Perkins chorus director Arnie Harris invited me to “Zoom” with his students and sing songs and spend some time with them in our new virtual reality. After considering his invitation for a nano second we set up a Zoom meeting and invited some Revels staff along for the ride as well. We sang Country LifeTake Time in LifeNoah’s Ark sea chantey, and of course Wild Mountain Thyme. Though I couldn’t hear them I could clearly see them all singing along from their homes. So much joy in all those little Zoom boxes. 


In between songs I talked about singing and how I came to Revels from learning the Abbott’s Bromley Horn Dance as a teenager and they asked questions and the hour flew by. Connections were happily reestablished and yes, it is still the most meaningful part of my year.

Lots of Hope!