Welcome to the Revels blog

Posted on 2.05.2014 by Steve Smith

Welcome to the Revels blog and our new website. Our new home on the web is the completion of our efforts to refresh our image and to better tell the ongoing story of Revels to both our fans and to new audiences. Thanks to the web design team at 5 by 5 Design and the Revels staff for many months of hard work in creating the site.

Please take a look around. Like any new home, you might find a little wet paint or an unpacked box here and there. If you encounter a page that doesn't work or see something that doesn't make sense, please drop us a note so we can work on it.

On this blog, you'll hear from a variety of voices from the Revels community. We'll keep you updated on organizational happenings, introduce you to artists and traditions that capture our attention, and share the spotlight with our peer Revels companies across the country. Revels is participation, so if there's something you'd like to know more about, let us know. A blog is an online water cooler -- a place to start a conversation and we look forward to talking with you.