Welcome to Our New Music Director

Posted on 3.08.2016 by George Emlen

Megan1_250.jpgIt is with great pleasure and excitement that Revels announces the appointment of Megan Henderson as its new music director.

Megan comes to us from a rich background in early and world music, and is an accomplished keyboardist, singer, composer and conductor. She was one of four finalist applicants for the position who auditioned before a large ad-hoc Revels adult chorus and a smaller children’s chorus and she did a fabulous job.

Megan will be starting full time on July 1, but she is already getting her feet wet. Longtime music director George Emlen has been introducing Megan to the mysteries of the Revels catacombs and will stay on as long as needed to ensure a smooth transition.

“Knowing that Megan will be taking over my work at Revels is a huge comfort and joy to me,” says George. “She has all the right qualifications for the job – great choral conducting chops, a love for people of all ages and a passion for exploring music of all kinds. I am confident that Revels has made the right choice and that the future of Revels’ music programs and activities, which are so much at the heart of the Revels experience, is in the right hands.”

Artistic director Paddy Swanson says, “Megan has a playful style of working that caught my attention. I usually begin the process of creating a show with not much more than a creative hunch. It is a long way from that fuzzy place to the sharp reality of the stage, and I was hoping for a new music director who would enjoy the process of collaborating and scheming that goes into creating a Revels show. I think Megan fits that profile perfectly. I am looking forward to inviting her into our sandbox.”

And here’s a special message from Megan: "It is an incredible honor to be asked to carry on the phenomenal work that John Langstaff and George Emlen have done over many decades. These are mighty big shoes to fill and I will bring all the best I have to offer. I am very excited to be able to work with Paddy Swanson, David Coffin and the entire Revels staff plus a wonderfully talented community of singers, artists, dancers and musicians."

Welcome aboard, Megan. We're excited, too!