A Forum on Arts Funding

Posted on 4.14.2014 by Steve Smith

Revels is proud to be co-sponsoring a regional forum on arts funding and the creative community with our colleagues at Arsenal Arts and New Repertory Theater. I hope you’ll join us this Wednesday at 5pm at the Arsenal Center for the Arts – a lively Revels chorus of adults and children from our past cast will be on hand to provide some entertainment.

This event is an important demonstration of our core values of participation and connection. Public support of the arts and arts education is part of the funding mosaic of how we manage to keep our doors open and accessible each year. Sadly, too few of our fellow citizens understand the value of exploring our diverse cultural heritage and the transformative power that music, theater and dance can have bring to our understanding of the world. Perhaps more frustratingly, neither do some of our esteemed public officials. Last week, the Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee has recommended gutting funding for the arts by 50%. Yes you read that right. By half. On top of the half it has already been cut in the past decade. Learn more here: http://www.mass-creative.org/fy15_budget_fact_sheet

Thanks to a quick effort, 100 state reps, including Watertown’s Jonathan Hecht, have signed on to support an amendment to reverse this cut. Thank you to them and the thousands of people who contacted their reps. A functioning, healthy society depends on engaged citizens. I hope you can participate in the ongoing conversation about why the arts matter. Join us Wednesday to hear the latest updates or contact your local leaders and let them know what you value.