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Meet Arkansas Light: Stage Manager for The Christmas Revels

Posted on 10.8.2021 by Sydney Roslin

Between the music, the costumes, the lights, and the actors, it takes a lot of coordination to run The Christmas Revels. Luckily, we have the incredibly talented Arkansas “Ark” Light, our resident Christmas Revels stage manager, to keep the wheels spinning and the curtain opening on time...

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David Zooms to Perkins

Posted on 5.19.2020 by David Coffin

David Coffin had a delightful singing session with students from the Perkins School for the Blind. We might not be able to have our Celebration of Spring at Perkins this year, but that didn't stop the music.

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Happy Spring!

Posted on 3.19.2019 by Patrick Swanson

It's the first day of spring and the full worm moon. Who knew? Artistic Director Paddy Swanson knew!

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Malibu 2018

Posted on 2.14.2018 by Patrick Swanson

Artistic Director Patrick Swanson's reflection on our annual Producers/Directors Conference where all of our sister cities gather. "Over excellent local food we talk about theorbos and trolls, with wine in hand we compare budgets and bands, squeezed into bedrooms we analyze the plusses and minuses of productions, the tempos of dances and the rubrics of script writing..."

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Revels is here! Revels is here!

Posted on 6.15.2017 by Emily Williams

If you're immigrating to the US from Russia, how far is it to Liverpool, England, where you board the US-bound ship? How many family members can afford to go? How long will it take? The students that participated in our week-long Immigration Residency can tell you...

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Moonlighting with Shakespeare

Posted on 4.18.2017 by Patrick Swanson

Revels Artistic Director Patrick Swanson on ritual in "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Paddy is directing the play for Actors' Shakespeare Project this May.

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What Blizzard?

Posted on 2.23.2017 by Megan Henderson

Megan Henderson, Revels new music director, attended her first national producers/directors conference - skipping out of Boston just ahead of what seems to be our annual February blizzard.

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Fenway's Ritual Earth

Posted on 4.11.2016 by Alan Casso

What's a Red Sox fan to do when his artistic director says he wants some of the red dirt they have at Fenway Park for his summer production? Go to Fenway and get it, of course!

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Reflections on Malibu

Posted on 2.17.2016 by Patrick Swanson

Looking back at our annual Producers/Directors Conference in Malibu (it only snowed a little in New England while they were away).

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Giving Voice

Posted on 8.24.2015 by Nicole Galland

Point-Counterpoint from a novelist turned alto. How singing in a chorus fulfilled a creative need she didn't even know she had.

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Farewell from Steve

Posted on 1.26.2015 by Steve Smith

Leadership Transition: Revels is announcing that Executive Director Steve Smith will be stepping down from his position effective February 28 in order to accept a new opportunity in Seattle.

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Summer Camp

Posted on 1.14.2015 by Patrick Swanson

We are organizing a summer camp for families and individuals from all over the country in a truly beautiful setting next to a lake in the highlands of New Hampshire.

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From the FRINGE: Who's Maeve Listening to?

Posted on 7.15.2014 by Maeve Gilchrist

Here are some new artists that Maeve Gilchrist (harpist and singer in the 2012 Irish Revels and in our Fringe concert in March of this year with Carlos Núñez) thinks are “the bomb.” Also a pick from Revels artistic director Paddy Swanson

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