Teacher Resources

With these tools you can bring Revels-like activities into your home, school, and community. They can all be purchased in the Teaching Resources section of our webstore.


Cultural Education Worksheets



Rosh Hashanah Education Worksheets-1 300.jpg 


Learn more about Rosh Hashanah! These activity sheets will introduce children to the Jewish New Year and the traditions and celebrations that accompany it. Free Download! 








Krishna-Janmashtami Worksheets 1_800.jpg


Learn more about the Krishna Janmashtami! These fun and informative activity sheets will teach children about this Hindu festival celebrated around the world, commemorating the birth of the Hindu god Krishna.Free Download! 








Celebrate The Winter


Remarkably easy to follow how-to books for mounting your own winter celebrations in school, community or home.


  • Directions for sword dancing
  • Scripts for mummers plays
  • Directions for costume/prop making 
  • Songs and games 


Picture Songbooks

Teacher Tips: John Langstaff's picture books prove invaluable for improving literacy! We use these often in our K-2 afterschool programs.

       Frog Went A-Courtin'          Over in the Meadow

These two beautifully illustrated books make the songs come alive on the page. Children are spellbound by the delightful repetition of words and melodies, and eagerly try to learn to read.