Visiting Artist David Coffin

Revels Education presents Artist-in-Residence David Coffin in two creative and captivating school enrichment programs: Music from the King's Court and Life at Sea: A Voyage in Song.

When children join in David's electric enthusiasm for his subject by adding their own voices and imaginations, they are astonished to discover how much they have learned - and how fun it is to share in the adventure.

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Music from the King's Court


A five-minute video presentation of David Coffin and Music from the King's Court.

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David began playing his first recorder at the age of four. He actually achieved hero status amongst his peers as a recorder player in the third grade. Today, he delights audiences both young and old in demonstrating his collection of Early Wind Instruments. His entertaining presentation covers the history of the recorder from the primitive ocarina, through medieval gemshorns, to the refined recorders of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

With his complete set of beautifully crafted instruments, David demonstrates period examples of music written for each particular instrument. He illustrates with humor and vitality the evolution of the Early Winds.

As a support for the school curriculum guides, David neatly inserts a "Science of Sound" unit that informs as it entertains. Vibrating air through ordinary household implements, he demonstrates how to alter the wavelengths that create sound and pitch, piquing children's curiosity and enriching their understanding of sound potential, starting with a basic drinking straw!

David_with_child_playing_wind_instrument_Kings_Court_1.JPGDavid's interactive program gets even the most reluctant of young musicians to come forward and try one of these rare and often curious instruments. His presentations impress students with an understanding of how these Early Wind Instruments were played, what sort of music was made with them, and, most essentially, the principles by which they still produce their wonderfully distinctive sounds.

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