Visiting Artist David Coffin

Revels Education presents Artist-in-Residence David Coffin in two creative and captivating school enrichment programs: Music from the King's Court and Life at Sea: A Voyage in Song.

When children join in David's electric enthusiasm for his subject by adding their own voices and imaginations, they are astonished to discover how much they have learned - and how fun it is to share in the adventure.

Book David

Life at Sea


Life at Sea: A Voyage in Song

"Life at Sea" captivates students right from the outset. With his harpoon, concertina, his larger-than-life singing voice, and of course, Pierre, his trusty limber-jack, David transports you, his crew, back to 18th century Nantucket, to the days of his ancestors who settled there in 1659. From that most famous whaling port, you and your students will travel "around the Horn" to the Pacific whaling grounds through lively anecdotes and participatory songs, all the while experiencing the history

that can be learned from traditional songs the whaler-men sang as they sought to make their fortune. From the singing of traditional sea chanteys to hoisting the anchor and setting the sails to the dance songs sailors sang in the doldrums, you'll experience the life of a whaler-man on his three- to five-year epic voyage hunting the magnificent whales of the ocean for their precious whale-oil.


While pupils are thoroughly entertained by David's engaging performance, teachers will appreciate his deftly woven core-curriculum, including vocabulary, geography, Colonial history, language arts, music, and complementary activities and web resources

"Life at Sea" is customized for each audience, based on age-appropriateness of the materials. David may or may not bring his harpoon and will often include background on Herman Melville's novel, Moby Dick, especially as it relates to the true story of the ill-fated Nantucket whale ship, Essex.

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