School Enrichment Programs

Revels partners with elementary schools to share its wealth of material, including children's songs, games, rituals, and dances from around the world. Many schools' core values include honoring and respecting differences. This correlates strongly with Revels' work of encouraging understanding and appreciation of the world's cultures through music, dance and drama. Revels can provide enrichment activities including afterschool programs, mini residencies, and classes.

School Programs

Revels Education teaches enrichment classes in both public and private schools. Options include one-time in school presentations, mini residencies, and afterschool classes. Currently Revels is providing afterschool programs in selected Cambridge schools. These classes include singing, dancing and drama featuring traditional folk material. 

Revels Mini Residencies

Multi-day programs for elementary schools - single grade, or age group. Let’s discuss programming that meets the needs of your school.

Revels immigration residency

In February 2017, Revels did its week-long Immigration Residency in a school in Bedford. Watch this 5-minute video showing the children in all aspects - planning the voyage, sewing the clothes, singing and dancing in the traditions of the countries they represented.

Watch The Video

Play Party Games

Grades preK-4
1-10 sessions
Learn children’s songs and singing games from various cultures around the world.

Folk Dance Workshop

Grades 3-8
5-10 sessions
Learn and perform English morris, longsword, and international folk dances.

Mummers Play

Grades 2-6
6-8 sessions
Learn and perform a folk play; may include a traditional sword dance or singing game.