Fall Performing Arts Curricular Series (PACS)

Alebrije Tales: Children of the Night

Just in time for Mexican Heritage Month, students will celebrate the Mexican culture with folk art, dance and music. Guided by a local Mexican performing artist Veronica Robles, students will be a part of an authentic, interactive experience. In addition to the class, Revels PACS students will participate in a local parade celebrating Mexican Heritage. Students will collaborate with students from the Veronica Robles Cultural Center to learn a traditional Mexican dance and walk in solidarity - celebrating Mexican Heritage! 


Alebrije Tales B 270.jpgOur Fall PACS class will be centered around a collection of Mexican folktales from Alebrije Tales: Children of the Night


Alebrije Tales: Children of the Night - Story #1: Jacinta and her pitaya tree. In this story, Jacinta is a beautiful song bird who needs to protect her pitaya tree at all costs from the outsiders. She learns home is where her heart is. Story #2: Coyotl and his gift. In this story, a coyote is given a special gift and learns quickly that life comes with consequences. Story #3: Cerulean the Bat. In this story, Cerulean the Bat struggles to fit in with land and flying animals. He needs to look deep within to find self-acceptance and love who he is, then love finds him.

For questions or more information, please email education@revels.org 


Fall PACS Details

Dates:      September 29 - November 11
                (Every Wednesday Morning or Thursday Afternoon)

Location:  Revels Offices/Online Synchronous 

Ages:        6-13

Classes:   Wednesdays 10:00a-11:00a (EST) or Thursdays 4:45p-5:45p (EST)                

Tuition:     $175 with 10% sibling discount

                 Scholarships are available! For more information, email Education Director,

                Johnny Nichols, Jr. 

Your child(ren) will be mailed a copy of Alebrije Tales: Children of the Night. Please expect to receive it before the start of our classes. 


Schedule Highlights:

  • Week 1 Highlights -  Read & Explore “Alebrije Tales: Children of the Night”, Create your own Alebrije
  • Week 2 Highlights  - Students Create & Cast the Stage Version of “Alebrije Tales: Children of the Night
  • Week 3 Highlights - Listen and learn about Mariachi with a live performance from Veronica Robles
  • Week 4 Highlights  - Learn Traditional Mexican Dance. Students will dance with authentic Mexican apparel
  • Week 5 Highlights - Learn the History and Decorate for La Dia De Los Muertos
  • Week 6 Highlights - Mexican Games and Stories
  • Week 7 Highlights  - Showcase Performance



Revels PACs Program Fall 2021

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