Revels for Home Schooled Children

Revels Homeschool class is a wonderful opportunity for your home educated child to enjoy a group singing, dancing and drama experience.  This is an active class which involves singing, rhythmic explorations, and movement. At Revels we believe that singing should be joyful, that singing well is within every person's reach, and that singing and moving together brings people together in community.  This class fosters a warm and kind home school social environment which incorporates mixed ages in the way that homeschooling does best - and is super fun! 


Fall 2019

Children Ages 5-11


11:00 - 12:30 pm    7 lessons  September 25 to November 6

Five to eleven year olds will participate in traditional song and dance though creating a play which they will perform on the Revels stage for family and friends on November 6.



Weather Related: Revels Homeschooled Program practices the same severe weather policies as the Watertown Public Schools.



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Children Ages 5-7

10:00 - 10:45 am   7 lessons  Sept. 26 to Nov. 7

Five to seven year olds will participate in traditional song and dance through acting out the story Margaret and the Pillywiggins. They don't perform, rather the final lesson is a share day with the parents (November 7).