Sing with Revels for Home Schooled Children

Sing with Revels Homeschool class is a wonderful opportunity for your homeschooled child to enjoy a group singing experience.  This is an active class which involves singing, rhyhmic explorations, and movement. At Revels we firmly believe that singing should be joyful, that singing well is within every person's reach, and that singing and moving together brings people together in community.  This class fosters a warm and kind homeschool social environment which incorporates mixed ages in the way that homeschooling does best - and is super fun! 

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Dates for 2017/18

Semester 1: The fall semester has been cancelled. Check back in December for the winter semester.
Semester 2: TBA 

Time: 10:30 am  to 12:00 pm 

Location:Grace Vision Church, 80 Mt. Auburn Street, Watertown, MA 02472

Older Program for ages 8-14 Chants and Rhythms and Part-Singing

Younger Program for ages 4-7 (Songs and Singing Games)

10% sibling discount offered for each sibling after the first child.
If children are in multiple age groups, the first child registered must be for the Older child program.

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