What to Expect

Canterbury_Tales_graphic_with_apostrophe_450.jpgA Revels Summer Theater Workshop is a complete theater experience for children ages 7-18. Sign up to experience theatre “ACTOR” and “RAP.”

ACTOR” participants perform in a Revels production written just for them! Everyone will have a part and auditions for the parts are held on the first day of the workshop.  The play will be performed twice on the last day of the workshop. For ages 6-13.

RAP'' participants work “behind the scenes” in our RAP (Revels Apprenticeship Program) Program. Gudided by professionals of the craft and educators, RAP participants will experience fun and engaging skill-building activities that include the design, building, and operation of stage sets, props, costume, lights, sound, and more. For ages 14-18


About the Staff:

Zareh Artinian: Playwright

Johnny Nichols, Jr.: Program Director

LaToya Robinson: Stage Director

Yasmin Tal: Music Director

Carli Hamilton : Choreographer 

Elijah McTiernan: Stage Manager

Ethan Jones: Tech Director



Our regular program begins promptly at 8:30am and ends at 3:30pm. To accommodate families’ schedules, students may be dropped off as early as 8:00am and can be picked up no later than 4:00pm. 

Summer_workshop_2019_child_with_stage_drawings.jpgHOW WE SPEND THE DAY

Revels Summer Workshop runs Monday through Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm, culminating to a final performance on August 20th at 2:30pm. The students’ time will be evenly split between rehearsals, skill-building workshops, and community building activities. Workshops will be chosen by the students after the registration deadline - July 26th, 2021. 


Revelers ages 6-13 are eligible to enroll in our Revels Summer Workshop as actors. Revelers ages 14-18 are eligible to participate in our RAP program for the Revels Summer Workshop. All participants will perform The Canterbury Tales together, but certain rehearsals and workshops will be divided into age appropriate groups. 




Revels Apprentice Program - is a program for young Revelers (suggested) ages 14-18. In an effort to teach a holistic approach to the performing arts, this program is designed to give young people an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a part of a tech or “backstage” crew in a Revels (or any) stage production. As part of the tech team, they will have the opportunity to work with and learn from professionals who are both experienced in tech theater and education. At the discretion of the director, a RAP student can take on an “actor-tech” role - a role in theater that utilizes the tech skills and performing skills.  Students will be taught many areas of a tech position such as stage management, stagecraft (building and designing sets), lighting and design, costuming, etc. Young people interested in participating in the RAP must demonstrate an ability to take personal responsibility and are willing to listen and follow instructions. Public school community service hours can be awarded for this program. 


 To reduce the exposure to COVID-19, we are limiting the number of participants. You can reserve your space with the $50 non-refundable registration fee and pay in installments, or pay the tuition in full. Please email Johnny Nichols, Jr. for details.


Payments: Payment can be made by credit card or check (payable to Revels). Please contact Jen Sur, 617-972-8300 x31 (Mon-Thur 7-3) with any questions or to pay by phone.

Please mail any checks or invoices to 

Revels Summer Workshop
Attn. Jen
80 Mt. Auburn Street
Watertown, MA 02472


Community is an important pillar of The Revels mission. Our programs thrive because of the incredible community we serve and support us. Understanding that these times can present financial challenges, we are offering a host of tuition assistance and rebates for our students. If you have questions or want to learn more, or if you want to apply for a scholarship, please contact Johnny Nichols, Jr. 

Tuition Assistance & Discounts:

  • Tuition Scholarships Available - contact Johnny Nichols, Jr.

  • 10% Sibling Discount - discount reflected in the price of sibling registration

  • 15% Referral Rebate - refund credited to registrant 

  • 10% Public Transit Rebate - discount option on registration form

  • 15% Rebate for any student enrolled in Cambridge Public Schools or Watertown Public Schools 



For an additional fee, students may enroll in our ExTRA (Extended Time for Revels Actors) Care Program and be dropped off as early as 7:30am and picked up as late as 5:30pm. You can enroll students by the day, week, or for the entire program (2 weeks). Students enrolled in ExTRA will participate in a low-rigor, extracurricular program that includes daily craft time and games, etc. Tuition for ExTRA is below:


Per Day: $10 
Per Week: $40
Full Program: $75

Per Day: $15
Per Week: $60
Full Program: $100
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You can read our Health Safety Policy here


Revels Education has a no refund policy. Allowances will be made on a  case-by-case basis. Additionally, the $50 registration/sanitation fee is non-refundable regardless of any allowances made for a refund. All funds will be returned in full should Revels cancels the Summer Workshop. 

Registration Deadline: July 26, 2021