Summer Theater Workshop

For children ages 7-13 (Revels Apprentice Program age 14-17)

A complete theater experience including theater games, acting, singing and traditional dance as well as set and props building, creating a mummers’ play, audition techniques and more. Culminating in a performance of A Journey…A Story about Coming to America.

Weekdays July 16 - 27, 2018 

9:30-3:30pm; early drop-off 8:00am-9:30am

Grant Awarded to Revels!
We are delighted to announce that the Watertown Community Foundation has awarded Revels a program grant of $2,800 which will allow to allow 4 children from Watertown to participate in this year’s Revels Summer Theater Workshop.  We are grateful to the WCF for this wonderful gift!

Revels Summer Theater Workshop

A Revels Summer Theater Workshop is a complete theater experience. In the mornings young people will participate in theater games, acting, singing and traditional dance.  In the afternoons we will be participating in "Production Time;” making the printed program; designing and building sets, costumes, props; and creating a slide show.  Along with creating the show, we will have electives, where young people can choose areas to learn more about theater including; play and song writing, creating a mummers' play, audition techniques, writing and performing a monologue, clowning, and the art of improv. 

The Revels show we are performing is A Journey...a story about coming to America.   Everyone will have a part and auditions for the parts are held on the first day of the workshop.  There will be a performance at the end of the workshop.

A Journey …a story about coming to America

This is a story about two sisters who, with the help of a witch, find a way to bridge time. The story begins in 2018 in the school cafeteria where the kids are talking about a project they are doing on immigration. Rose tells the story about a family mystery that has gone unsolved for generations. Her great grandmother’s sister was lost on the voyage, never to be heard from again.  A witch gives the children an unusual opportunity to solve the mystery by taking them back in time to the docks of Liverpool, England to begin their journey to America. Come along as the time travelers get a firsthand experience of their ancestors’ voyage.  Find out what happened to the missing sister.

About the Staff:

    Directed by Lynda Johnson, Revels Director of Operations and Director of Backyard Youth Theatre

    Music Directed by Megan Henderson, Revels Music Director

    Actors and Teaching Artists include: Noni Lewis and Sarah Morrisette


About the Summer Revels Apprentice Program (RAP)

Young people ages 14-17, who are selected, will participate in the leadership of the Revels Summer Workshop.  Apprentices will be involved with all aspects of production; script writing, blocking, stage management, prop and set building, costume design and construction, videography and photography. They may also have a walk on part in the show. They will assist in supervising the younger workshop participants.  Upon successful completion of the workshop they will receive a letter of recommendation.   

The RAP positions are limited. Young people ages 14-17 who are interested in a RAP position should schedule an interview with Lynda Johnson at 617-972-8300 ext. 35 or