Bells! Hankies! Sticks! Leaping and skipping in time to an accordion! Morris dancing is an old English village tradition suitable for anyone who has ever wondered what Lord of the Dance might look like with more people. Geared towards nine to twelve year olds, this eight-week class will start with the basics and end with a performance for friends and family. Participants should come prepared to run, jump, and have a good time with their fellow dancers. 


For children ages 13 and up (ages 11 and up in if also on the Morris team)

Fall: The fall semester has been cancelled. Check back in December for the winter semester.

Winter: TBA

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Learn how to weave long swords (some are made of wood, some are made of metal) into locks – the star, barrel roll, and slip in and out between swords safely while moving in time to the music.  Move like a sword dancer – shoulder your weapon! 

Weekly practices will be held between Morris Dancing and Rapper Dancing, allowing dancers to either stay late after Morris, or come early before Rapper.  This dance form requires a more mature dancer who is committed to dancing in coordination of time and space with teammates.  Dancers should wear comfortable athletic attire, and sneakers or lace up shoes. You must be 11 years or older by September 2014, and ALSO a participant on either the Morris team or the Rapper team.


Members of the Longsword team can expect to perform at various events throughout the year, including but not limited to: Revels Twelfth Night, NEFFA (New England Folk Festival), and perhaps participation in some of the Sword Dance gatherings in the Greater Boston Area.  Members of this team may be invited to audition as dancers as they are needed for various Christmas Revels performances.