Revels Adult Skills Series: Acting-The World Around Us


Theatre is magical!!! Losing oneself in a character, taking an audience on a journey where they can  laugh, cry, or become powerfully silent because of a sense of awe; all of this is the magic of theatre. In this four-part series, participants will be introduced to some of the core elements of the acting process. The course will be improv based using pantomime, open ended scenes, and games. The class is scaffolded so that students can take individual classes or the entire series, based on their interests.

Beginning acting is the first step in an actor’s quest to be on stage. This class is the ideal foundation for the beginning, amateur, or intermediate actor to learn from or even brush off their skills. Students will begin to lay the groundwork for technique-based artistry through a series of exercises, script analysis, and scene study.


DATES: Sept. 23 – Oct.14; Thursday Evenings; from 7:30 – 8:45pm 
AGES: 18+ / In-Person or  Online Synchronous 
COST:  $20 per class ι $70 for all 4 classes


panto 1.jpgWeek 1: Let’s Play: Getting to Know Self and Others (September 23, 2021)

At the core of any acting ensemble is the foundation of trust. To build trust actors, must get to know each other. This class will use games and improv to build trust and get to know each other.


Week 2: Wait...What? Waking Up to The World Around Us (September 30, 2021)

We tend to sleep through our lives not really paying attention to the world around us and how we interact with it. This class will use pantomime and improv to relive experiences and explore the foundations of improv and comedy to build a scene. Imagine is what allows creativity to soar. Turn off that editor that is in one’s heads and say YES! 


Week 3:Time to Jump: Using Jumps to Build a Scene (October 7, 2021).

Jumps are A/B open ended scenes that are used to improv of off to build a scene. This class will explore the importance of dramatic action to make a scene come alive. Students will ground their scene by deciding of relationship, environment, goals, and tactics.


Week 4: Artistic Voice: Artistically Speaking to The World Around Us (October 14, 2021).

This four-part series ends by looking at society, developing a point of view on a topic that is important to the student actor and building a scene. This can be done using satire, farce, or drama.

juanitarodrigues 280.jpg

These classes will be taught by Juanita Rodrigues, Theatre Department Chair and Faculty at Boston Arts Academy.




















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