Lynda Johnson, Director of Operations and Interim Education Director

Lynda Johnson, Director of Operations, started her involvement at Revels as a volunteer in 1987 selling CDs during intermission at The Christmas Revels. She has become progressively more committed to Revels, from her position in 1998 as assistant children's chorus manager, ultimately taking over as manager the next year. In 2002, she added the role of production assistant, while retaining her commitment to insuring an excellent experience for the Christmas Revels children. She has served as the manager of productions as complex as Noye's Fludde, involving over 150 children, as well as lending her lifelong skills to the optimization of children's learning experiences in collaboration with Revels artistic and education staff in school projects and residencies. From 2004 to 2007, she produced Summer Revels, and in January 2008 she joined the Revels staff. Lynda is the artistic director of Marblehead Little Theater's Childrens' Program and the Backyard Theater in Lexington and simultaneously has owned and operated Grasshopper Day Care, a family day care business, since 1983.

In my spare time I like to: completely unplug!

My favorite Revels production or event was: Noye's Fludde –March 2004
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