Jennifer Sur, Administrative Services Manager

Jen Sur, administrative services manager, came to Revels when she heard through her mother's friend that Revels needed someone to do data entry. Fresh out of college, Jen thought she'd take the job for a year. That was in 1991. As administrative services manager, Jen not only keeps the office in pens and toner, and makes sure everyone's computer works, but she also fills all product orders, runs product sales at Revels performances, oversees office volunteers, helps maintain the website, and fills in wherever necessary.

A fan of superhero movies (thanks to her roommate for introducing her to the Marvel world) and Simon Pegg comedies (everyone rent Hot Fuzz), a gardener and a baker, Jen is also a part-time usher at Sanders Theatre (yes, the space is used for things other than The Christmas Revels). But Sundays in the fall are reserved for her beloved New England Patriots.

If she could visit anywhere: she would go on a safari in Africa.

For her last meal: she'd order a lobster roll, potato chips and chocolate ice cream (who cares about cholesterol?).
617-972-8300 x31

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