Diane Kennedy, Director of Development

Diane Kennedy first experienced Revels when she worked at Dartmouth College’s Hopkins Center many moons ago, and believes, to her core, in the power of the arts (singing, in particular) to build community, share humanity and to make people smile. Diane was Revels’ Director of Development for two years, leaving to fundraise for her beloved alma mater Wheaton College. At Wheaton, she served on the Curriculum Design Team and received the President’s Service Award, along with her staff colleagues, for their work in shaping the Compass Curriculum for Wheaton. Diane loves to ski, travel (Colorado and London her latest favorites), attend museums and live performances, and is a huge, although conflicted on the game of football, Patriots fan. (Although Jen knows more about the team than I’ll never know).

In her spare time she: Spare time? Diane is in her ninth year as a Selectman for her town and also serves on the board of directors of a large municipal insurance provider.

617-972-8300 x29

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