Kate Stookey to take over as next executive director of Revels




By Lillian Brown  Boston Globe Correspondent

Kate Stookey will soon take over as the executive director of Revels, Inc., Kate Stookeythe organization best known for its annual winter production, “The Christmas Revels,” and other seasonal programming throughout the year.

While Stookey, who will succeed Christian Dame on Jan. 31, will work mainly in the company’s business operations, she says she also plans to ensure that Revels’s creative mission “is harnessed and visible and vibrant and continues to attract and appeal and explore and create amazing cultural experiences for it audiences.”

Since its founding in Cambridge in 1971, Revels has worked to celebrate different cultures through theatrical and musical performances.

“Revels offers opportunities for people to explore and embrace our collective world’s different cultures and to appreciate different perspectives and different traditions,” Stookey said. “That is critical work. It’s globally relevant, and I would like to focus on reaching more people with that message of understanding and unity of the ties that connects us . . . and bring more people together through this lens of joy, so we begin to really appreciate and revel in our diversity.”

Prior to joining Revels, Stookey worked at a variety of organizations, both corporate and nonprofit, with communications roles at the History Channel and the US Tennis Association, among other groups.

But it was while working in internally displaced persons camps in Azerbaijan that Stookey had an “epiphany” about the work that she wanted to devote herself to.

“I realized at that point how much my love for international culture and my desire to give back and through my work could dovetail,” she said.

In a statement, Stine O’Brien, the president of the Revels board of directors, said of Stookey: “Her vision, enthusiasm, and experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors are huge assets as Revels prepares for the next 50 years.”

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