10 holiday theater picks, from Rudolph to the Revels


From the Boston Globe's 10 holiday theater picks... 

By Don Aucoin Globe Staff

THE CHRISTMAS REVELS: AN AMERICAN CELEBRATION OF THE WINTER SOLSTICE A 100-member ensemble will perform in this year’s edition, which is set in the heartland of America in the 1930s. Feeling lost, a man encounters a mysterious radio announcer who encourages him to take a road trip in search of what is missing from his life. That trip enables the man to explore — and the audience to hear — performances of cultural riches that include bluegrass, gospel songs, brass bands, and shape-note hymns. Also featured, of course, are indispensable Revels staples like a rendition of Susan Cooper’s poem “The Shortest Day,’’ the Sussex Mummers’ Carol, and the signature Revels piece, “Lord of the Dance.’’ Written and directed by Patrick Swanson. Music direction by Megan Henderson. 

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