The Christmas Revels:
A Venetian Celebration of the Winter Solstice

December 8-27, 2017

18 Performances - Matinees & Evenings

Harvard University's Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA

Join us for this special holiday celebration set in Renaissance Venice, crossroads of the world!

Check out Alan's Ticket Availabiltiy Page for best seating.

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For information on our Cancellation Policy, visit the Plan Your Trip page for The Christmas Revels.

Alan's Ticket Availability Page 

    Updated Dec. 11 at 1pm

With tickets going fast, Revels' ticket maven Alan Casso is here to help you find the best seats for this year's Christmas Revels. This page will be updated daily, sometimes more than once. Use the info below as a guide, not a promise and check back often because Ticket Availability changes all the time!  

Tip #1: Be flexible. A number of our shows are selling out, especially at top price seating. Have a few dates in mind and be flexible about your price range. For its size, Sanders is an intimate house with good accoustics wherever you sit.  

Tip #2: Best Seating before Christmas is this Friday and Saturday, December 15 at 7:30pm and  December 16 at 7:30pm.

Tip #3: Make us your post-Christmas treat! There are three performances after Christmas with great seats left for Tuesday, December 26 at 7:30pm in particular.  

Tip #4: Don't be afraid of Partial View seats.  They're not half bad! (just a corner bad). A rear corner of the stage may be out of view but we stage most of our action center stage, where everyone can see.

Tip #5:Obstructed View Seating. Yes, there is such a thing, 13 pair behind poles in the Mezzanine and they're only about $10 each! Call 617-496-2222 or buy them in person at the box office.

Final Tip: Don't give up the ship! Call the Box Office an hour or two before each performance or stop  by Sanders if you're in the area. You never know what will turn up at the last minute!

Find what you're looking for? Purchase your tickets online 24/7 (and even select your own seats!) through the good folks at the Harvard Box Office. You can also phone them at 617-496-2222 from 12Noon - 6pm Tuesday - Friday.

Thank you and Happy Holidays! 

P.S. We're a hit! Read the Boston Globe review


 Performance Date Time Price Level  
Friday, December 8 (Preview) 7:30

What a show. It was MAGINIFICO!

Saturday, December 9 (Value) 3:00 What an audiernce! 
Saturday, December 9 (Value) 7:30

A high-energy performance ending with a standing ovation!

Sunday, December 10 (Value) 1:00 Another magnifico performance!
Sunday, December 10 (Value) 5:30

Our exhilarating (and exhausting) first weekend is over. Time for a break!

Friday, December 15 7:30

Premium:  4
Top:  30

Middle:  81
Partial View:  87 

Saturday, December 16 3:00 Premium:  4
Top:  8
Middle:  3
Partial View:  25
Saturday, December 16  7:30

Premium:  0
Top:  68
Middle:  53

Partial View:  83

Sunday, December 17 1:00

Premium: 4
Top: 4

Middle:  6

Partial View:  32

Sunday, December 17 5:30 Premium:  6
Top:  10
Middle: 11
Partial View:  62
Thursday, December 21 - The Winter Solstice! 7:30

Premium:  1
Top:  15

Middle:  19
Partial View:  73

Friday, December 22 3:00

Premium:  1
Top:  51
Middle:  44

Partial View:  79

Friday, December 22 7:30

Premium: 2

Top: 32  
Middle:  53
Partial View:  60

Saturday, December 23
3:00 Premium:  0
Top:  0
Middle:  0
Partial View:  1
Saturday, December 23 7:30 Premium:  12
Top: 12
Middle:  12
Partial View:  49
Tuesday December 26 3:00 Premium: 0
Top:  21
Middle:  13
Partial View:  63
Tuesday, December 26 7:30 Premium: 4
Top:  106
Middle: 60 
Partial View:  84
Wednesday, December 27 1:00 Premium:  3
Top:  7
Middle: 39  
Partial View:  110

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Premium Price: Mezzanine P section 

Top Price: Orchestra, Mezzanine I & Balcony I

Middle Price: Mezzanine II & Balcony II

Partial View: Balcony III