Morris/Longsword/Rapper Dancing

The Morris, Longsword and Rapper Dance programs at Revels provide sememster-long weekly dance experiences for children, tweens, and teens.  Taught by a variety of folk dance enthusiasts, participants of this program will learn traditional dances and also  experiment with some creative modern variations of the dance forms.



For children ages 13 and up.
Class size limited to 20.
Fall: Wednesdays, September 13 to November 15, 2017
Winter: TBA
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Contact Emily Williams to register your child.

Rapper dancing is a fast paced rhythmic dance with tight figures requiring intricate team work. Clogging steps, flips, sword sweeps and tangles are done in small groups of five dancers.  Rapper dancing is a true team experience where your very knuckle skin depends on the coordination of you and your teammates.

Weekly practices are two hours long, and will require stamina, endurance, and patience.  This dance form is intricate and very aerobic. We have a great time, and mastering the dance is so satisfying...but come prepared to work (and laugh!).  Dancers should wear athletic clothing to practice, and need to purchase the special rapper shoes once they have committed to the team. You must be 13 years or older by September 2014.